Sukipassion Ceramic Round Brush 6978 / 6977 / 6976 / 6974

6974 | RM 20.00
6978 | RM 18.00
6977 | RM 18.00
6976 | RM 18.00

Product Description

A blend of tourmaline and ceramic minerals that creates silky, smooth hair. For all hair types and lengths. These brushes will eliminate frizzes and split ends by sealing the cuticle to lock in moisture and prevent over-drying. Ceramic coating will cut down on drying time which will reduce heat damage and leave hair shiny, smooth and soft.

  • Ceramic Roll Brush 6974 (XL). (40mm)
  • Ceramic Roll Brush 6976 (L). (30mm)
  • Ceramic Roll Brush 6977 (M). (25mm)
  • Ceramic Roll Brush 6978 (S). (19mm)
Benefits Tourmaline is a natural source of negative ions to eliminate frizz Seals the cuticle layer locking in moisture Creates a sleek, shiny finish