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Product Description

Hair massage comb: the teeth of this hair detangling brush are designed with nice elasticity, which can nicely fit your scalp and massage your head while combing, comfortable to use, let you enjoy a relaxing using experience
Proper for most hair types: this cow print hair brush is suitable for most hair types and hair styles, such as long hair, short hair, wave hair, curly hair, straight hair, as well as wet, dry, thick or fluffy hair; You can apply this brush to comb your hair when you blow your hair, dry your hair faster and save your time

Quality material: the hairbrush is made of quality ABS material, which is skin-friendly, durable and waterproof, and the nylon needle enhances durability and firmness, it allows you to comb your hair with less force; The brush tenderly fixes tangles for a pain-free experience, thereby reducing the damage to the hair

Duckbill hair clips: our hair clips are durable and stable, can hold hair firmly in place and proper for most types of hair, good for dividing the precision area of hair, convenient for home or hair salon's dyeing, styling or drying work
Easy to carry and store: the hairbrush is light in weight suitable to keep in bag while travelling, it doesn't engage much space in bag or in your drawer; The brush with hair clips can be nice gifts for friends

Improved resistance to wet and dry hair through flexible brush head. Promotes the shine.
The light, handy brush is designed in ergonomic form and combs the hair without tearing. Avoid hair fracture.
Suitable for all hair types.
size:23 x 7.5 cm
Package Content: Plastic
Color :Black