SHISEIDO Enrich Primience Color 80g Base for Cover Grey White Hair


Product Description

  • Premature graying) hair / Dye one's gray hair
  • Premium color line for "timeless beauty" Make up to the confidence with vivid color and beautiful hair
  • Soft, shiny hair Shiseido's exclusive high-performance moisturizer S- hyaluronic acid Contained. Prevents water loss and gives silky smoothness.
  • Vivid, stylish colors Strengthens the transparency of the cuticle and relieves the irregular reflection of the light, and produces a sharp, sophisticated color with a flowing gloss.
  • High penetration and color retention Duplex penetration enhancer acts on warm pigment and cold pigment, respectively, and combines ingredients effectively to penetrate the deep layers of hair, thus perfectly dyeing with various color tones.
  • Made in Japan