Z BC Keratine Treatment Wake Active Essence - for brighten hair (50ml x 5)


Product Description

Wake active essence, from the united states professional hairdressing formula, using australian cashmere fat extract, rich in keratin and amino acids, nutrient elements close to the human hair chain arrangement of 99% of the organization. Can effectively remove the natural volume hair, to create a complete and effective effect of life and life.

Balance the harmful properties of the chemical treatment to the hair, fill in the nutrients needed by the hair, repair the damaged hair, enhance the characteristics and toughness of the hair, and create an invisible protective film for the hair after use. Prevents split ends and frizz, leaving hair soft and smooth with long-lasting color that lasts for 90 days.

Note: Do not touch the skin and scalp, for professional use only. Avoid direct contact with the scalp and skin.
Using weak alkaline hair to wash hair twice, rub the hair to 80% dry, to carry out the partition (hair peice thickness 1cm, width 3cm), reserved hair 2cm, smear evenly coated with Wake active essence and then combed with a sticky uniform, stay for 10-15 minutes, no washing, directly with the hair dryer in the wind blowing dry.
Contains several natural proteins, collagen, amino acids, hydrolyzed protein, vital cement essence, essence