Vangin Colour Hair Spray 120ml (washable hair colour)

Black | RM 8.00
Silvery | RM 8.00
Blue | RM 8.00
Violet | RM 8.00
Brown | RM 8.00
Champagne | RM 8.00
Pink | RM 8.00
Claret | RM 8.00
Pink Blue | RM 8.00
Sky Blue | RM 8.00

Product Description

  • With the advanced formulation, combining with plant extracts and modern technique in perfect combination, you may change your hair color without damaging your hair.
  • It will help to seal in hair color whilst repair damage and reduce split ends.
  • This hair spray keeps hair soft & smooth and makes it in the best shape possible and suitable for parties, weddings and other festivals or events.
  • Instantly change hair color , washable
Direction of use:
  1. Before usage, please keep your hair clean and fresh
  2. Shake the product well
  3. Spray on your dry hair at a distance of 20-30 cm from the hair
  4. Mix combination of colors can be sprayed on your hair
  5. Ordinary shampoo can be used for rinse