Shiseido Professional Primience Color Developer Peroxide 1000ml

3% 1000ml | RM 33.00
6% 1000ml | RM 33.00
9% 1000ml | RM 33.00
12% 1000ml | RM 33.00

Product Description

Shiseido Color Developer controls hair color and brings out the hair’s natural shine. It works on the hair to prevent the loss of moisture, effectively penetrate the pigments into the hair, condition and moisturize the strands, and achieve a hydrated and silky-smooth feel. It conditions the cuticle by working on each of its three layers: the surface, the cortical, and the deeper layer, enhancing the transparency of the cuticle and reducing the irregular reflections of light, whether is it healthy or damaged hair. This allows efficient penetration of the pigments into the deeper layers of the hair, offering a perfect coloration and a long-lasting effect for all color tones.

Choose from 4 different strengths – 3%, 6%, 9%, 12%

Size 1000ml