Previa Virtuous Brush

Previa Virtuous Brush


Product Description

Combing brush suitable for all hair types. Gently removes knots without pulling or breaking hair. Its ultra-thin bristles gently comb your hair painlessly, while its soft tips massage the scalp and stimulate blood circulation. Gentle, functional and responsible solution for everyday hair care. VIRTUOUS hair brush is made of bio-based plastic from renewable sources.

Double Curve Design
The double curve adapts to the head shape perfectly and allows for combing more hair in one single passage.

Flexible Shape
Its spiral shape affords flexibility and comfort while combing. Its head adjusts itself gradually and adapts to the head shape.

Flexible Bristles
Ultra thin bristles are designed for combing all hair types and massage the scalp. While sliding easily in depth, they detangle the hair effortlessly without damaging it.

Sustainable Brush
Made with bio-basses plastic derived from renewable resources. The material is obtained from natural straw powder 100% recyclable.