Previa Keeping After Colour Shampoo/Keeping After Colour Treatment Travel Kit - 100ml+60ml


Product Description

After colour Shampoo. Ideal to prolong the duration of hair colour and exalt reflexes. Gently cleanses the hair, protecting colour and keeping it shiny as long as possible.

Directions for use  
  • Distribute on damp hair, massage and rinse. Repeat if necessary. Limiting the use of water is also advised, in order to reduce environmental impact and colour fadage due to the action of warm water. 
Intensive after colour treatment. Acts deeply, providing hydration and nourishment for the hair. Protects and exalts colour reflexes increasing shine and long lastingness. Leaves the hair instantly tamed and soft without weighing it down. A rescue remedy to be used to add extra hydration.

Directions for use:
  • Distribute through damp hair and massage. Process for 3-5 minutes and rinse. Repeat if necessary. For very thick hair increase processing times. For improved results apply evenly with a wide-toothed comb, distribute and massage. 
97,5% ingredients of natural origin and from organic farming