Neo Leaf Hair Rejuvenator Tonic Japan 240ML

Neo Leaf Hair Rejuvenator Tonic Japan 240ML


Product Description

Milbon Tonic Neo Leaf Hair Tonic is from Japan. Constant hair care with Neo Leaf Hair Tonic will enhance your hair and keep your hair and scalp in good order by the effective ingredients. Neo Leaf quality hair tonic protects the scalp and hair, and earned a good reputation and favored among professional hairdressers worldwide as well as home users.

With regular use of Neo Leaf Hair Rejuvenator Tonic, it will:
  • -Eliminate itching of scalp
  • -Prevent the formation of dandruff
  • -Prevent hair depilation after sickness
  • -Protect healthy scalp and hair

How to use:
1. Use this product once or twice daily on clean hair.
2. It is recommended to use this product after shampooing.
3. Splash a few drops of this product (about 2 ml) directly onto your scalp.
4. Press and pat lightly with your finger tips, and massage scalp for about 3 minutes.
5. For external use only.