Moser Power Style Ionic Hair Dryer 2000W


Product Description

A proven and failure-free super hair dryer by Moser, equipped with a hair ionizing generator. Professional, one of the most frequently chosen hair dryers for hairdressing salons. Handy and light. Also suitable for left-handed people.

The action of negative ions while drying the hair closes the hair cuticles and does not cause loss of water from the inside of the hair, thanks to which the hair is smooth, healthy and static-free. Air Plus technology gives more power to the air flow.

2 speeds and 4 levels of temperature control and a cold air switch allow you to adjust the heat and power of the air stream to each type of hair and to the desired styling results.
  • - 2000 watt power
  • - 2 speeds
  • - 4 levels of temperature regulation
  • - Cold air switch
  • - Concentrator (crevice tool)
  • - 2.8 m cable
  • - Black colour