Miya Professional Blonder Shampoo 500ml -Anti Yellowish

Miya Professional Blonder Shampoo 500ml -Anti Yellowish

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Product Description

Product Features
  • Removes yellow and brassy tones
  • Use to prolong color for silver /Ash look
  • Maintain Shine Look
  • Sulfate-free
  • Silicone-free
1.Revitalise blonde color for your great hair day, delivers ice cool tones and shimmering silver style for fresh radiant blonde hair without brassiness.
2.Scientifically formulated to enhance cool tones, intense purple hair toner revitalizes gorgeous blonde shades for noticeably brighter, healthy-looking hair.

1.No.1 sulfate-free cruelty-free vegan purple shampoo, effectively cleansing hair while toning blonde shades for perfect light-reflecting hair without golden or yellow tones.
2. Protect blonde shades from sun damage.
3. Innovative ultraviolet filters shield hair color against harmful UV rays for lasting salon-fresh hair. paraben free, cruelty free.
4. Sulfate free, 100% vegan, recycle able.

Direction of use
1. 100%wet hair, Rub Purple Hair Shampoo in hands to lather
2. -To remove Yellow/Brassy look, leave on hair for 5 minutes -To remove and maintain silver/ash-grey , leave on hair for 10-15minutes until color is seen
3. Rinse thoroughly and follow with moisturizing conditioner. Use2-3times per week.