Loreal Serioxyl Advanced Tonic Denser Hair (90ml) New Packaging

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Product Description

⋆ For denser-looking hair.
⋆ Formulated with Stemoxydine, it protects against oxidative stress.
⋆ The treatment is quick and accurate to achieve more hair per cm² in just three months.
⋆ Looking for hair density?

The innovative serum, Serioxyl Denser by L'Oréal Professionnel, can be applied directly to the scalp every evening for three months to boost density with +1700 hairs*

Comparative clinical study Denser Hair vs placebo (101 subjects).

- If you want to achieve denser-looking hair, L’Oreal Professionnel Serioxyl Denser Hair Treatment is what you’re looking for. Formulated with Stemoxydine™, the first hair-revealing molecule and Neohesperidin™ that protects against oxidative stress to ensure it functions correctly, the serum helps you to achieve denser-looking hair.
- With pipette application, the treatment is quick and accurate and has been proven to help you achieve more hair per cm² in just three months.

The direction of use:
  1. Apply 2-8 pipettes depending on hair thickness
  2. Work the product into the roots and ensure that the product covers the scalp
  3. Size:90ml