Loreal Inoa Ammonia Free Permanent Hair Color - 60g

Inoa Color Only X 1Tube | RM 28.00
Inoa Color Only X12 Tubes | RM 312.00
Inoa Color +3%(100ml) | RM 32.00
Inoa Color +6%(100ml) | RM 32.00
Inoa Color +9%(100ml) | RM 32.00

Product Description

Loreal Inoa is an odourless, ammonia-free permanent hair colour which formulated with ODS (Oil Delivery System) techonlogy helps to produce consistent and reliable hair colour system. Inoa works efficiently to provide shiny, uniform, long-lasting perfect colour accuracy with 100% white hair coverage, optimized scalp comfort, intense nourishment and hydration. Hair is softer and sublime shine with perfect coverage and natural reflects.
  • Directions of use
  • Mix color cream and developer with ratio of 1:1
  • Apply color mixture to dry hair
  • Leave for 35 minutes
  • Rinse thoroughly

*** REMINDER ***
Kindly contact us through Chat to check the stocks availability for your desired color code first before you placed order.
Each color code is displayed at the color charts from the attached images.
Please select which developer level ( 3% , 6% , 9% ) that suits your needs if you choose variation with 90ml developer and notify us through the remark column or Chat together with color code upon placing order.