Formal Color Hair Spray ( Black / Dark Brown ) 150g

Dark Brown | RM 58.00
Black | RM 58.00

Product Description

Description :
In two weeks after your hair dye, your roots start to show. Kenny Spray greys away quickly and simply. It’s an instant, convenient fix that extends the life of your hair color between salon visits and ensures your grays stay where they belong — out of sight.
Formal Color Spray can be used as often as required.
Innovative formula naturally allows for longer lasting color adherence to the hair root and achieve self-adjusting color comparable with your hair.
Reduce the harmful chemical used during frequent hair dye when grey roots regrowth.
  • Works in seconds and dries in minutes
  • Natural feel to the touch
  • Doesn’t flake or rub off, even after brushing
  • Washes out with shampoo
  • Doesn’t require a hairspray to lock in the product.
  • Notes : This is not a permanent hair dye product
Benefits :
  • Most hair dye products contain chemicals like Ammonia and hydrogen peroxide that weakens your hair and causing hair breakage . Formal Color Spray can be used to reduce such damage by extending the life of your hair color between hair dyes. It is Ammonia and Hydrogen Peroxide Free and can be used often to touch up gray areas.
Direction of use :
  • For temple and hairline - Use hand or comb to lift hair on the hairline.
  • Shake well before each use. Apply on dry hair only. Let dry at least 2-3 minutes before touching hair.
  • Do not touch until completely dry.
  • For center or side part, hold can 30cm away from head and move hand continuously back and forth directly onto roots.
Colour :
Dark Brown / Black
Size :
Made In Japan