Davines Naturaltech ENERGIZING Superactive 100ml (Serum for scalp & hair prone to falling out)

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Product Description

With hair energy complex, microbiotic booster and mung bean and crimson clover extracts.
Naturality: 99,9%.
Biodegradability: 99,3%.
Dermatologically tested.
CO2 neutral packaging.
Made in Italy.

Reduces the hair loss* associated to androgenetic factors by:
- 25% after 56 days
- 27% after 84 days
Leaves the hair clean and light without weighing it down.

*Instrumental tests on 20 subjects, use of energizing shampoo and superactive.

How Do Use:
Apply to washed, towel-dried hair on scalp and massage until it is completely absorbed. Do not rinse.

Rinse thoroughly in case of contact with eyes. Keep out of reach of children. Do not spray on the eyes.