CAREPLEX bond connector, hair core, do it before chemical treatment or mixed with bleach 120mlx3


Product Description

  • The hair core connector is made before chemical treatment or mixed with chemicals. It can prevent hair damage as well, plus reducing the strong smell of chemicals.
  • S.du CAREPLEX helps to adjust the structure and repair damaged hair. Restore strength and integrity to damaged hair precisely. Effectively see real results
  • S.d.u CAREPLEX will integrate the bond. Dissulfibond that is embossed by various chemical treatments, colors, stretching, bleaching or heating.
  • Sdu CAREPLEX Hair becomes stronger and gradually improves from the inside. To outside
CAREPLEX is compatible with all types of chemicals.
CAREPLEX is not a treatment. Not conditioner Or hair mask
CAREPLEX is to restore hair strength from the inside. #Hair core #Or our people's bones
Therefore different from #Keratin Blazilian Making #That is adding keratin or lost hair texture Therefore working is different.
CAREPLEX is made first. Make blazillian keratin. The better results. More clearly effective
CAREPLEX is used to help repair hair alone called