Schwarzkopf Professional Igora Vario Blond Bleach Powder Lightener - Super Plus 450g


Product Description

  • Dust-free lightening powder that lifts up to 8 levels
  • Fibre bond technology to reduce hair breakage
  • Anti-yellow effect with cool pigments to help neutralise warm tone
  • Precise application from stands to full head bleaching
  • Now sold without a scoop, to help save waste
Igora Vario Blond Plus Powder Lightener delivers up to 8 levels of lift and precise neutralisation for the perfect blonde lift. The integrated Fibre Bond Technology enforces bonds within the hair fibre to reduce hair breakage, giving shiny results. Penetrating the hair and creating a protective layer around the hair bond to keep its strength and elasticity.

The Anti-Yellow Effect ensures clearest results due to anti-red, cool pigments that efficiently neutralise upcoming warmth. The dust-free powder aids precise application from strands to full head bleaching to allow you to achieve your desired results, easier.

Did we also mention that we're now scoop-free?! We aim to save on unnecessary waste, and to stop single-use plastic we have taken all scoops out of our new packaging. So keep hold of your reusable scoops!

Complete the look with the rest of the Igora range, the possibilities are endless!

To be used with Igora Royal Oil Developer (3%/ 6%/ 9%*). *9% for off-scalp applications only.

Directions for Use
Mixing: Mix 35g White Dust-Free Lightening Powder with 70ml(1:2) of Igora Oil Developer 3%/10 Vol., 6%/20 Vol. or 9%/30 Vol. until a smooth cream is achieved.

Application: Apply immediately after mixing. Even distribution and a sufficient amount of product ensures the best equalisation. Apply carefully and evenly in fine sections to dry, unwashed hair only, starting at the nape area.

Development Time: 20-45 minutes, depending on texture, developer used and desired results. Do not use artificial heat from steamer or drying hood to reduce the development time.