S2 Rebonding Cream Set 1000ml+1000ml

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Product Description

This two step straight permanent system contains a straightener and neutralizer, which is a permanent solutions that are used with hot straightening iron.

Direction of use
  • Straightener Coats the entire hair with evenly, except for roots and let it set at room temperature for 10 - 20 minutes After that, rinse it sufficiently with plain water, dry the hair and set with hot straightening iron at 180°C/ 356°F When applying , keep 1 - 2 cm above hair roots, as getting it on the scalp could cause irritation and breakage of hair Use an intermediate water to rinse away  completely Wash the roots carefully.
  • Neitralizer Coat the entire hair and leave it for 20 - 30 minutes, at the same time combing it lightly Then, completely wash it away Complete the process of If the neutralization is not complete, it could cause damage or hair breakage, thus coat the hair sufficiently from roots to tip of hair to make sure the neutralization process is completed.