Revlon Uniq One Super10R Mask + Treatment 150ml

Revlon Uniq One Super10R Mask + Treatment 150ml


Product Description

The first mask without rinsing provides the 10 main benefits needed by the hair.
  1. Repair dry and damaged hair.
  2. Enhances its brightness and controls curling.
  3. It offers thermal protection.
  4. It provides softness and silkiness.
  5. Protect your color with UVA & UVB filters.
  6. Facilitates brushing and ironing.
  7. Get a surprising detangling effect.
  8. Provides body and volume.
  9. Prevents split ends.
  10. Keep the hairstyle longer.
Directions for use Revlon Uniq One 10 In 1 Professional Hair Treatment:

On wet hair:
- Apply about 20cm of the hair
- Short hair> 6/8 sprays
- Medium hair> 7-12 sprays
- Long hair> 10/15 sprays

Detangle the hair with a comb, finish with your usual style: dry with a hairdryer, iron, air, etc. Use your usual finishing product.

Result: A soft hair, silky, bright, protected without aplomb.

On dry hair:
- Apply on the palm of your hand
- Short hair> 2-3 sprays
- Medium hair> 3-5 sprays
- Long hair> 4-6 sprays

Rub the product between your hands and apply to the hair from the middle to the ends.
If you need it, review the hairstyle with an iron or dryer.
You can use your finishing product; foams, lacquers, etc.

Result: Ideal to go over the hairstyle and give a soft, silky, durable finish without weighing it down.

Revlon Uniq One SUPER10R Hair Mask 300ml

Hair mask formulated with the innovative UniqOne formula that combines the benefits of the best masks in the world.

Get incredible results, for superior hair, with 10 real benefits:
  1. Deeply repair damaged hair.
  2. Carefully nourish the hair.
  3. Strengthen hair from root to tip
  4. It brings incredible brightness
  5. Smoothness and silkiness
  6. Amazing detangling effect and curling control
  7. Ultra-moisturizing.
  8. Quick absorption in just 3 minutes
  9. No weight, natural volume effect
  10. Non-greasy formula.
How do I use it?
Apply the product on wet hair, distribute the product well and leave for 3 minutes. Clear out.