Previa Keeping After Colour Shampoo 250ML

Previa Keeping After Colour Shampoo 250ML


Product Description

After colour Shampoo.
  • Ideal to prolong the duration of hair colour and exalt reflexes. Gently cleanses the hair, protecting colour and keeping it shiny as long as possible.
Directions for use  
  • Distribute on damp hair, massage and rinse.
  • Repeat if necessary. Limiting the use of water is also advised, in order to reduce environmental impact and colour fadage due to the action of warm water. 
97,5% ingredients of natural origin and from organic farming

Fragrance notes
Keeping distinguishes itself for its floral citrusy notes, chosen to create a bright, soft and elegant aura. At its top, rose and mandarin notes blend in with a cedar and freesia heart. At its base, a warm embrace of amber and lily of the valley.
top  •  citrus   |  heart  •  woody  |  base  •  ambery