Previa Extra Life Organic Green Clay & Tea Tree Oil Purifying Leave-in Lotion 100ml


Product Description

Purifying leave in lotion, anti-dandruff, rebalancing, soothing.

For daily use.
Way to use: apply to dry sking and massage.
Do not rinse.

Features & details
Purifying leave-in lotion. Daily use. Anti-dandruff. Rebalancing. Soothing. Ideal for counteracting dandruff, normalising sebum secretion and reducing irritations. Carries out a calming and emollient action, aimed at reestablishing the intactness and health of the skin's hydrolipidic film. Reduces desquamations, heals itching. Direction for use: Spray on the scalp at a distance of 1-2cm and massage. Do not rinse. It can be applied to dry or wet towel-dried hair. PH 5.5-6.5