L'Oréal Professionnel Serie Expert Pro Longer Shampoo for Long Hair with Thinned Ends 1500ml

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Product Description

[Shampoo for long hair with thinned ends]
  • Enhanced by our patented Filler A-100 technology and nourishing Amino Acids, Pro Longer shampoo offers the ideal solution for hair experiencing thinning at the ends. Experience increased shine and strength throughout the lengths, while achieving noticeably thicker and more resilient ends.
[Suitable for]
  • Long hair with thinned ends
  • 94% reduction in hair breakage
  • 17% reduction in split ends
  • 5x shinier hair
  • Filler-A100
  • Amino Acids
[How to use]
  • Apply evenly on wet hair, lather until a rich foam is obtained, rinse