Glosz Hair Color Treatment Advance Keratin Ph4.5 Lock in Tech 500ml

Blue | RM 55.00
Purple | RM 55.00
Violet Red | RM 55.00
Gray | RM 55.00
Wine Red | RM 55.00
Green | RM 55.00
Pink | RM 55.00
Rose Gold | RM 55.00
Black | RM 55.00

Product Description

All our sample color is color on white fiber if you wish to get the same color effect please bleach your hair till very light blonde before using our color.

Color saturated color lasts longer, it does not hurt the hair color nursing fruits puree Color mask for color-treated hair,repairs and protects hair fiber,leaves hair ultra shiny and prolongs color intensity

How to use:
  • Bleaching hair to level 8 or above, apply amount of color mask on every section of hair and wait 5 minutes.
  • Rinse it and blow dry hair.
  • Recommend use two times per week after first using.
  • Wear hand glove during using.