Miya Energising Scalp Care Gift Set

Miya Energising Scalp Care Gift Set

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Product Description

Miya Energising Shampoo 800ml
  • For Any kind of hair
  • To infuse bacteria killing agent , mint leaf extract ,and clarifying witch hazel, All of which work in tandem to calm and balance imbalance scalp conditions. Banish excess build up and balance oily scalp problem.
Miya Scalp Repairing Treatment 1000ml
  • Hyaluronic acid essence reaches 100% moisturized hair scalp
  • Extraction from ginseng essence reaches 100% rapid hair growth
Miya Miniture Shampoo 100ml + Scalp Repairing 80ml
  • Suitable for traveling size and hand carry luggage

14 inch Make Up Bag Mini Suitcase
  • Hand Carry Luggage, Cosmetic Bag, Anti-Scratch with Large Capacity makeup pouch 14inch