Fanda S1 Pro Hair Dryer 1800W 新品凡达S1 Pro折叠式吹风机

White | RM 99.00
Grey | RM 99.00

Product Description

  • Close to zero electromagnetic radiation technology
  • Triple insulation design to prevent electric leakage & combustion
  • 3-layer outer shell design for enhanced durability and longer lifespan
  • 200 million negative ions for comprehensive static electricity elimination, smoothing cuticles and reducing frizz
  • Moisturizing negative ions form a protective film on the hair, making it shinier and more beautiful
  • Quick-drying!! Dual-layer heating structure for faster drying
  • 20,000 RPM motor accelerates airflow to prevent hair from getting "overcooked"
  • Noise reduction technology for a more peaceful experience
  • Dual honeycomb design prevents hair from getting tangled
  • Product safety
  • Excellent user experience