Fanda Pro Mini Hair Dryer


Product Description

Fanda Pro Mini Fashion Hair Dryer Introduced

The body adopts matte design, feels warm and delicate, simple shape, super high value, and 400 million negative ions~ The body is only about 7cm, small and powerful, and there are 3 colors to choose from (grey, white, blue)

2mm air outlet, the wind is more concentrated, and it only takes 5 minutes to dry hair quickly

110,000 rpm motor, more powerful wind

Bladeless hollow design, the wind can reach 60 m/s

Multi-level adjustment, 4-level temperature setting, 3-level wind speed setting

Built-in filter to prevent inhalation of hair and dust

1.8m long wire

Allows you to easily blow out smooth hair

Also in gift box
Comes with 4 products
Anti-flying nozzle
Modeling nozzle
Diffusion nozzle
Smooth nozzle